Top 3 Luxury Uluwatu Bali Resorts, You Must Stay At

Set on the beautiful, sandy south east coast of Bali, The Istana Uluwatu Resort is a unique sanctuary of striking natural beauty and clever architectural design that offers a truly unique way to experience the Island of the Gods in all its majestic splendour. The Istana Uluwatu Resort has fantastic ocean views from every room. Every room has a breathtaking view of the sea and is surrounded by balustrade enclosures and pathways that offer a gentle introduction into this magnificent resort. Each room has free Wi-Fi service and a comfortable, fully equipped modernised bathroom. The Istana Uluwatu Resort has great oceanic and tropical beach access that will give you an exciting swimming experience.

Uluwatu Bali Resort – The Best in Bali

The Uluwatu Bali Resort & Spa is nestled on Bali’s secluded south coast offering a truly unique island experience. Nestled among green, dense vegetation, this resort offers guests a truly breathtaking view of the blue sea and surrounding green mountains and villages. Guests are immersed in a warm, tropical atmosphere that caters for couples and families. A popular attraction, visitors can take part in activities like diving, surfing, horseback riding and swimming. A luxurious hotel that also offers five star luxury accommodation and services like a restaurant and bar, the Uluwatu Bali Resort & Spa is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

The Medoh Hotel is located on the north of the island but is perfectly situated for overlooking the natural harbor at Medoh. The Medoh Hotel has a beautiful tropical garden and a beautiful swimming pool. The hotel overlooks the wonderful beach with green shades that are reminiscent of a sunset, and is just minutes away from other tourist attractions such as the Blue Nile National Park and the sunset fireworks at the Ubud Beach. The rooms have internet broadband and cable television. The Medoh Hotel is perfect for families and honeymooners.

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