How to reset service stabilitrak light? Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

How to reset service stabilitrak light? Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

How to reset service stabilitrak light? Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

Do you have a service stabilitrak light occurring on your dashboard? If so, this article is for you! In it, we’ll explore why service stabilitrak lights occur and how you can reset stabilitrak light quickly and easily.

Not just that, the process of turning off the StabiliTrak system isn’t always simple. With a few ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands, Tony Flynn will show you just what to do in order to get your car running smoothly again.

Now, let’s explore how to reset service stabilitrak light – this could save you time (and headaches) in the long run!

How to reset service stabilitrak light?

How to reset service stabilitrak light?

How to reset service stabilitrak light?

How to reset service stability system? When the StabiliTrak warning light illuminates, it indicates a problem with either computer hardware or software.

To get back on track, press the traction control button located on your steering wheel. Alternatively, you may follow the directions stipulated by carmakers for this particular issue.

Before you reset the StabiliTrak light service, it is important to complete the needed diagnostic tests. This is because your system will only communicate potential issues through its warning lights. To successfully go through this process, here are a few easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Push the StabiliTrak button to ensure that it is activated.

After you have verified its status, move on to the following steps for a successful ride.

Step 2: Spin your car’s steering wheel clockwise and see if it switches off.

If that occurs, then there is no need for additional maintenance work; however, if not, keep reading to find out what needs to be done next.

Step 3: Shut off your car, wait 15 minutes, and restart it.

If the DIC message has disappeared, success! That means you have fixed the issue. But if not, don’t worry—just reach out to a certified repair shop or even your vehicle’s local dealer for help.

Reset Service StabiliTrak with a scan tool

  1. Find the diagnostic port under the dashboard and turn off the ignition.
  2. Connect your diagnostic scanner (we recommend the iCarsoft i900 or the Autel MS300).
  3. Then turn on the scanner.
  4. Choose a Chevy model. To locate vehicle flaws, use the scanner.
  5. Note the fault codes and their descriptions. Stop worrying. Sometimes several fault codes indicate the same issue.
  6. Turn off the scanner and the ignition. If possible, resolve problems.If you can’t, ask a mechanic.
  7. After fixing the issue(s), reconnect the scanner and start your engine. Remove the fault codes. You can only do so after fixing all stability issues.
  8. Turn off the engine and remove the scanner when the issues are resolved.
  9. Start the engine after 20–30 seconds of rest.

Once this step is completed, Service StabiliTrak should no longer be visible.

About StabiliTrak

About StabiliTrak

About StabiliTrak

General Motors‘ patented electronic stability control (ESC), StabiliTrak, offers unparalleled safety and security.

It prevents extreme maneuvers from spinning and skidding, keeping drivers in control.

StabiliTrak keeps your car on course regardless of road conditions or obstacles, so you can drive with confidence!

With StabiliTrak’s help, downhill driving is now safer than ever before. It senses issues and restrains the engine during steep descents while reducing power to the wheels to decrease speed. Two models of this life-saving technology are offered:

Chevrolet Service StabiliTrak

Service When steering wheel alignment and reaction change, Chevrolet’s StabiliTrak Chevy activates. It reacts to understeer or oversteer scenarios, providing a safeguard for those new to driving on slippery surfaces.

When help is needed, it adjusts wheel power or applies brakes automatically for a smoother ride.

Service StabiliTrak for GM

If you don’t use Service StabiliTrak Chevy, your car must have GM’s StabiliTrak system for safe driving. By applying brake pressure, this technology will change the path of your car and keep it from skidding out of control.

The angle of the steering wheel and the speed of the engine can also show if you have lost control of the car.

Traction control system vs. StabiliTrak system

Both seem to do the same thing, which is confusing. There are differences.

The Traction Control System aids your car in slippery conditions. It only applies to stationary cars that want to move. To move, the Traction Control System carefully distributes engine power to the wheels.

The StabiliTrak System only works when the car is fishtailing. It will sense the crisis and control the brakes and engine to stabilize you.

The Service Stabilitrak light usually precedes the Service Traction Control message.

Explaination for the Service StabiliTrak light

Explaination for the Service StabiliTrak light

Explaination for the Service StabiliTrak light

If you have been wondering what “Service StabiliTrak” stands for, it refers to the StabiliStrak system’s fault codes. Each car with a minimum safety rating (TCS) is equipped with this traction control system.

Service StabiliTrak will appear on your dashboard if a controller, sensor, or input sensor is malfunctioning.

Reasons behind the StabiliTrak Light

Reasons behind the StabiliTrak Light

Reasons behind the StabiliTrak Light

Why is my service StabiliTrak warning light on? StabiliTrak may illuminate for various reasons. They can be faulty wheel speed sensors, a faulty steering angle sensor, a faulty rotational speed sensor, or a problem with the steering rack.

Alternator failure

The engine powers the vehicle’s electrical system through the alternator. The charging system may fail it. Problems like the StabiliTrak light can result from a failing alternator.

Faulty wheel speed sensor

ABS uses wheel speed sensors to measure wheel speed. The StabiliTrak light may illuminate if the sensor fails to detect wheel slip.

Controller Failure

The StabiliTrak system controller controls everything. It turns the system on and off, but if it malfunctions, it can turn on the StabiliTrak light.

GM uses a BCM system control. Each BCM controller has the software. ECM, TCM, and ABS modules are examples. Software issues with these controllers can activate the StabiliTrak light.

Involved Region or Country North America and Israel
Condition Some customers may comment that the Traction Control System (Stabilitrak) light is On. During diagnosis a technician may find that DTC C0460 is set within the electronic brake control module.
Cause This may be caused by a brief low voltage incident.

This information was collected from

Indications of StabiliTrak light issues

Indications of StabiliTrak light issues

Indications of StabiliTrak light issues

StabiliTrak problems usually show a few signs. Observe these.

Steering instability

If your wheel moves without twisting or pressing the accelerator, StabiliTrak may fail. Steering erratically may indicate a control unit issue.

Unpredictable acceleration

StabiliTrak malfunctions if the accelerator pedal does nothing. Check for “limp home” mode. Your car may accelerate slower than expected. If the engine starts but the wheels don’t, your StabiliTrak is probably broken and needs repair.

Strange noises

If you hear rubbing or grinding, StabiliTrak may be a problem. Drivers hear whirring when the system fails. Specialists can inspect your car at a repair shop.

Is it safe to drive with the Service StabiliTrak light on?

Is it safe to drive with the Service StabiliTrak light on?

Is it safe to drive with the Service StabiliTrak light on?

Yes, you are absolutely fine to drive the vehicle. Only drive if the warning message appears after skidding or a high-speed maneuver. As mentioned, the message indicates your system is working well. Consult a mechanic if it appears otherwise.

Note: Never drive if your brake warning light and StabiliTrak warning light are on. This disables your brakes. Those two spell disaster.

Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

Ways to disable the StabiliTrak system in several vehicle brands

Although you may feel the urge to turn off your vehicle’s traction system, it is important to keep in mind that this will disable some safety features. Rest assured though, that there are easy steps you can take when you’re ready to enjoy these features again.

Each manufacturer has its own process for turning StabiliTrak back on. Usually, a button with a car picture accompanied by wavy parallel lines beneath it serves as an indicator of where and how one should go about doing so. So then, here is what needs to be done based on your specific make/model:

Ford’s StabiliTrak

Find your car’s StabiliTrak vehicle. Follow this procedure:

  1. Locate your vehicle’s StabiliTrak sensor. You must also check your instrument panel menu for steering wheel controls.
  2. Press the black-arrowed button on the steering wheel’s left.
  3. Scroll down again to manage settings. Accept to see menu options.
  4. On the new menu, there are two options: “Driver Assist” and “OK.”
  5. By disabling StabiliTrak, you should be able to access Driver Control. Press OK to finish.

Chevrolet’s and GMC’s StabiliTrak

Chevrolet and GMC drivers turn off StabiliTrak differently than Ford drivers:

  1. Press the center button and wait for the mainboard.
  2. Hold the mainboard button for several seconds to activate traction control.
  3. The DIC message appears. GMC Sierra drivers should know this.
  4. Drive the car and wait for StabiliTrak to activate automatically. That usually happens at 56 km/h.

Volkswagen’s StabiliTrak

The procedure may vary for Volkswagen drivers. Here’s how to disable traction control.

  1. Turn on the accessory mode. Keep the ignition in place. Don’t start the engine yet.
  2. After Step 1, go through the lights to the warning lights.
  3. Find the warning light by looking for a triangle button. Click.
  4. Proceed to the next stage after the warning lights activate.
  5. Press the accelerator pedals sequentially. After five cycles, repeat the process.
  6. Accelerating moves the vehicle several feet. The traction control should automatically turn on.

Toyota’s StabiliTrak

Eliminating the traction control in your Toyota vehicle is an effortless process. Simply locate and press down on the VSC button for a few moments to disable both StabiliTrak and TRAC.

You will be notified that they have been turned off when you see “VSC OFF” and “TRAC OFF” appear on the display panel of your car. It’s as easy, quick, and straightforward as that!

Dodge Jeep Y Chrysler, Fiat, or RAM’s StabiliTrak

These three makes of cars, like Toyota, have the simplest procedure for disabling StabiliTrak. Here’s one possible approach:

  1. The first thing to do is press the ESC button and hold it down for at least six seconds.
  2. Second, when the buzzer sounds, you know the StabiliTrak is disabled. The ESC OFF notification should appear in the instruments subset.

Self-disabling Stabilitrak and Traction Control

Engine misfiring disables StabiliTrak and traction control. Flashing lights indicate an engine misfire. It starts out fine. However, prolonged escalation may activate service StabiliTrak lights.

Engine misfiring causes flashing lights. StabiliTrak and traction control require reliable engine speed. Thus, a misfiring engine shuts down both systems. Fixing the misfire resets both systems automatically.

You only need to identify and fix the engine misfire. A loose spark plug wire is possible. If you can’t inspect the engine, hire a professional. If that fails, use a code reader to get a computer-generated number.

StabiliTrak replacement cost

StabiliTrak replacement cost

StabiliTrak replacement cost

StabiliTrak or traction control systems cost $80–$190 to replace. Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, labor costs $30–$50.

Destroyed sensors can cause Service StabiliTrak issues. Buying a new sensor for your car may cost $250–$400.

Before acting, investigate a Service StabiliTrak warning light with no apparent cause. Your vehicle may not catch up. That necessitates contacting a local auto repair shop or dealer.

FAQs How to reset service stabilitrak light?

What is GMC Sierra’s StabiliTrak service?

Stabilitrak, a traction control system, is more advanced than ESC. Stabilitrak provides maximum stability and composure on Waupun streets.

How to reset the Silverado Service StabiliTrak light?

How to reset the service stabilitrak yourself without a scan tool?

  • Stop quickly.
  • Stop your car for 20–30 seconds. Refreshing all systems resets them.
  • Check the message after starting your engine.

How do you disable Chevy Cruze StabiliTrak?

If the vehicle is stuck and needs rocking, disable traction control. Press and hold to disable traction control and StabiliTrak. The instrument cluster displays Traction Control Off/StabiliTrak Off.

How do I restart my Chevrolet Equinox service stabilitrak?

When StabiliTrak fails, the Driver Information Center and dashboard lights illuminate. If this happens, stop the car, turn it off for 15 seconds, and restart it.


We hope this blog post on has provided you with all the information that you needed to reset your service stabilitrak light. This post’s simple steps should help you fix the problem and get your car running again.

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