Day: July 27, 2021

Water Leak Detection SystemWater Leak Detection System

Industrial and commercial leak detection systems are widely used to satisfy ever increasing environmental requirements worldwide. SEMRAD can design an effective leak detection system for your particular site and application to assist comply with environmentally based regulatory standards around the globe. There are many reasons why businesses require leak detection systems. One is that the number of oil and gas wells on the planet is increasing exponentially, which poses as a major challenge to implement effective leak detection strategies in order to minimize the damage these installations may cause. Another reason why these systems are so important is that spills occur from time to time and it is impossible to be sure that the systems installed on oil and gas rigs are foolproof. Even with the best leak detection system it may not necessarily catch the leak in time and could cause further damage to the environment.

Water Leak Detection Systems – How Do They Work?

The detection of water leaks on drilling platforms has become almost routine because of the increasing instances of oil and gas spills. When working offshore companies are required by regulation to install leak detection systems on all drilling platforms. Without these systems there would be no way for operators to ensure compliance with these regulations. Water spills on drilling platforms occur at times when operators are not at their sites and cannot easily locate the leak or determine the location of the source. Operators using these leak detection systems on offshore drilling platforms have direct access to the source of the water leak and have a much higher chance of determining the location than without the system.

Before purchasing any type of water leak detection system it is important to ensure that the company selling the equipment has experience in installing and maintaining the product. Companies selling water leak detection systems can also offer installation services. It is important to ensure that the equipment purchased is compatible with the operating system used by the business. Some types of leak detection equipment requires the use of accessories that may not necessarily be available on every rig. There are numerous brands and manufacturers of leak detection equipment available to choose from. Ensuring that the right equipment is purchased ensures maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to operations.

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