Day: March 27, 2021

What You Need To Know About Sanding Timber DeckingWhat You Need To Know About Sanding Timber Decking

sanding timber deck

One of the most important parts of the construction process of a new deck or other wood structure is sanding timber deck. It is extremely important to ensure that all of the rough surfaces on which the deck is built are properly sanded to prepare them for staining and painting. If the surfaces aren’t adequately sanded it will be very difficult to allow the stains and paints to stick, and in turn this will affect the durability of the finished object. It is also very important to sand properly as if the siding, or other surface on which the deck is built is not properly sanded it may allow water to enter through the cracks and therefore cause rotting.


When you are sanding timber decking, there are two main methods of accomplishing this task. The first is to manually drag and remove the sand using a sander and chisel. The advantage of using this method is that it allows you to ensure each board is sanded to the closest finish level. When manually sanding your deck this can lead to a lot of waste and also possible damage to the wood. A better approach is to use a power sanding machine. These machines generate suction to pull all the sand quickly and effectively through the wood, reducing the amount of waste and damage.


There are also a couple of ways you can achieve a high quality finish using sanding timber decking. One of these ways is to use an automatic or robotic sander. These automated machines can quickly and easily sand down your deck to give it a high gloss finish and are incredibly convenient. Another method of sanding timber decking is with sanding blocks, these are extremely powerful tools designed specifically to sand down wooden decking. These blocks are held in place by an epoxy cement liquid and sand down the entire deck fast and effectively.