Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak? How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak? How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak? How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak?” If your dashboard reads “service stabilitrak,” you may be wondering what that message means and whether it is safe to continue driving.

In this blog post on, we’ll explore why the service stabilitrak warning might appear and how to identify StabiliTrak light issues. Tony Flynn will also discuss some possible solutions if you have received a Service StabiliTrak alert from your car. As a result, you can keep yourself and others on the road safe.

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak?

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak?

Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak?

Is it safe to drive with service stabilitrak? Yes, it is safe to drive with service stabilitrak. You are absolutely fine to drive the vehicle.

Stabilitrak keeps your car straight, especially when it detects zigzag motion. Although its primary focus is on the stability of your car, Stabilitrak also makes sure that your automobile is operating as you desire.

For example, if you turn your car to the left but the tires move to the right, the brakes will automatically apply to stop an accident.

Driving with the StabiliTrak light on means you won’t have access to this safety feature when you need it. Taking into consideration all of these factors, you can safely continue driving if the service stabilitrak light comes on. This alert system works fast and will ultimately protect you from any car accidents!

Despite this feature’s ability to maintain control over your vehicle, it does reduce its power. Thus, turning off traction control in mud or snow improves maneuverability.

The Service StabiliTrak should never be ignored. When the service Stabilitrak light illuminates, it can be for a variety of causes. It can be anything from your driving habits to potential malfunctions within your car.

Keep the light on until you identify and fix any problems. Although it’s safe to drive, take a minute to look into what is causing the warning sign before continuing your journey.

Warnings may include:
• Service Traction Control message
• Service Stabilitrak message
• Stabilitrak malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) stays on or flashes intermittently
• Service Rear Axle message
• Chimes in combination with any of these messages or MILs
• Sway or wander while driving
• Loud metallic or other unusual noise from the rear suspension
• Off-center steering wheel
• Uneven wear between the rear tires
A customer who experiences these warnings should have the vehicle flat towed to a GM dealership and should not drive the vehicle until it is inspected by a GM dealer.

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How does StabiliTrak function?

How does StabiliTrak function?

How does StabiliTrak function?

Navigating slippery roads can be perilous. A single mistake, and you could quickly spin out of control. To combat this issue, traction control systems were created to keep the car from swerving and keep it in line. StabiliTrak enhances these mechanisms by giving drivers more confidence in their vehicles!

Since 1996, GM has been utilizing Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for its vehicles. In 2007, Stabilitrak became a standard safety feature in every single car made by the company. Nowadays, ESC is mandatory in all automobiles sold within Canada, the US, and European Union countries – it’s no longer just an option!

In a single moment, StabiliTrak can activate and help you avoid any potential accident or skid. This ingenious system is always vigilant for your driving needs – from slippery roads to tight bends, it helps keep you in control of the wheel! With StabiliTrak enabled, your car’s safety factor will drastically increase each time that you hit the road.

Your GM vehicle is always kept safe with the help of a series of sensors. StabiliTrak applies brake pressure to help you regain control if these sensors detect skidding. It can also direct engine power to prevent spinouts and fishtails! Driving is easier with this brake-engine combination.

As an example, StabiliTrak can detect when a driver is turning the wheel during a skid and yet the car isn’t going in that direction. This will trigger StabiliTrak to apply anti-lock brakes on certain wheels to avoid further slipping. When the vehicle notices that the driver has regained control, it will deactivate itself immediately.

Your car’s StabiliTrak system is always ready to protect you, even if you don’t know it.

Traction control and StabiliTrak—are they the same?

Nope. Both appear to do the same thing, which causes confusion. There are some differences.

How does traction control work? The Traction Control System helps your car regain traction on wet roads. It only works when the car is stopped and wants to move. The Traction Control System controls engine power to each wheel to get you going.

StabiliTrak only works when the car is moving and fishtailing. To help you get up, it will take over the brakes and engine. The Service Traction Control message usually precedes the Service Stabilitrak light.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) vs. StabiliTrak

Is the standard Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system like your Chevy or GMC’s StabiliTrak? Yes, different! StabiliTrak outperforms ESC as a traction control system. StabiliTrak is designed to provide the most composure and stability possible.

What triggers the Service Stabilitrak light?

What triggers the Service Stabilitrak light?

What triggers the Service Stabilitrak light?

Stabilitrak covers your brakes, traction control, and steering. Whether you are a novice driver or driving on slick roads, this technology will activate automatically to keep you safe.

When this happens, the Stabilitrak will automatically switch on for a short time as you regain control of your vehicle. If it persists or happens often, see a specialist because these issues may be present:

A defective input sensor

When you see a Stabilitrak message or warning on your dashboard, it is likely due to an issue with one of the sensors in your vehicle. These sensors measure important factors such as rotational speed, steering angle, and wheel speed. All of them are necessary for keeping your car steady when driving. If any of these inputs become faulty, then this can negatively impact your car’s stability and cause that warning signal to show up.

Malfunctions with the Power Steering Sensors

The power steering motor provides the necessary energy for your car to run. Service If this component fails, Stabilitrak activates its control system to monitor power use and demand.

Broken output sensor

Every wheel of the car must be able to communicate the amount of torque needed, which is done with output sensors. This feature detects Stabilitrak, but if it fails to tell you how much power your engine needs, Stabilitrak will warn you. Because of this, damage to an output sensor could cause the alarm system to go off.

A defective powertrain

The output sensor and powertrain in your car are interconnected. The power source is provided by the former, while the latter determines how much force needs to be supplied to your wheels. The service-installed Stabilitrak system can intervene if this link fails.

Stability Control Module problems

To maintain a balanced driving experience, your car is equipped with a stability control module. If this part fails, Stabilitrak will keep your car stable while you drive.

A faulty ABS module

A car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps to stop the vehicle by monitoring wheel slippage and then applying pressure on the brake disks. In cases where ABS isn’t able to take over, Stabilitrak is ready in an instant to make sure you’re brought safely back into control.

Deteriorated controller

The controller is responsible for analyzing all the data collected by your car’s sensors to make sure you drive properly. If it stops working, Stabilitrak takes over and drives the car so you can stay safe on the road.

Defective GM-LAN communication lines

If this connection line fails, Stabilitrak will take over stability. It transmits sensor data to the controller.

How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

How to identify StabiliTrak light issues?

Are you concerned that your StabiliTrak is not functioning correctly? Vehicles with stabilitrak can experience hard shifting or a hesitating transmission. Look out for these key signs to ensure peace of mind on the road.

Irregular acceleration

If you press the gas and your car doesn’t move, your StabiliTrak system might be experiencing difficulties. Inspect it to see if the limp-home mode is activated, as this could explain why it isn’t going faster than usual. If everything checks out but the wheels still don’t spin when you start the engine, you may need to have StabiliTrak repaired right away.

Erratic steering

If you experience your wheel shaking or jumping around when trying to steer, it may be a sign that there is an issue with the Stabilitrak control unit. If your wheel moves without acceleration or turning, it may be a sign of a problem.

Unusual sounds

If you hear strange noises like rubbing or grinding, it could be a sign of a Stabilitrak issue. Many drivers report hearing whirring sounds when the system is malfunctioning. To get your car back in good condition, take it to an experienced repair facility and have them check for potential issues.

What to do if Service Stabilitrak activates while you’re driving?

What to do if Service Stabilitrak activates while you're driving?

What to do if Service Stabilitrak activates while you’re driving?

Your Chevy Cruze service stabilitrak is still driveable. The StabiliTrak warning frequently appears as a result of an issue. If you can find a place to pull over, you can try fixing it even though it’s safe to keep driving. then take these actions: Stop the vehicle, turn it off for 15 seconds, then restart the engine.

  1. Shut off your car.
  2. For at least 15 to 20 seconds, get out of your car.
  3. The warning should disappear after restarting your vehicle.

After this, if the Stabilitrak warning is still on, your car might have a malfunctioning component. You ought to have a professional inspect your car in circumstances like this.

Service Stabilitrak: How do you disable it?

Service Stabilitrak - How do you disable it?

Service Stabilitrak – How do you disable it?

There are various methods to turn off this control for different car brands. Here are a few examples:


Follow these steps to disable Stabilitrak in 2009 and later Chevrolets:

  1. Press the trip odometer reset button on the cluster.
  2. Press and hold the “Info” button for at least two to three seconds.
  3. Enter the code 1468.
  4. Stability is off; a message will then appear.

The Stabilitrak system will then be turned off, so you can turn off the engine and drive the car however you want.


Toyota vehicles from 2007 to the present can disable Stabilitrak using these steps:

  1. The trip odometer reset button on your car must be pressed and held down. When an “engine check” message appears, continue holding it.
  2. When the message “Stability Control Off” appears, press and hold the set/reset button.
  3. After that, the Stabilitrak system won’t bother you while you drive or turn off your car.

In addition, you could try the following method:

  1. Five seconds should pass after you press and hold the VSC button.
  2. A “VSC OFF” and “TRAC OFF” message will show up after doing this, which will turn off the VSC and the TRC. You then lose access to your Stabilitrak system.

FIAT, RAM, and Dodge Jeep Y Chrysler

Follow these steps for these vehicles:

  1. The ESC button must be pressed and held down for at least six seconds.
  2. A whistle will then blow, and the ESC button will turn off. This indicates that you have successfully turned off your Stabilitrak system.

Ford and Volkswagen

You cannot turn off the Stabilitrak system in either the Ford or Volkswagen models from the current generation. These cars already come with Stabilitrak as standard equipment, so you can’t turn it off.

What occurs when StabiliTrak is disabled?

To get out of sticky situations, StabiliTrak can be turned off. Deactivating StabiliTrak should only be done when necessary.

When StabiliTrak is switched off, the sensors will not interfere, and your wheels won’t lose power. This means they can slip, slide, or accelerate without any restrictions from road conditions.

If you find yourself stuck in mud or snow, this helps you get back on track quickly. It also makes driving safely on snowy roads much easier!

After escaping the danger, activate your StabiliTrak and continue!

What causes Stabilitrak and Traction Control to automatically turn off?

If you wait too long, your stabilization and traction control will be disabled by the computer when your engine misfires. Numerous factors, including loose spark plug wires, can result in a misfire.

Why would a flashing engine light indicating an engine problem cause the traction control and Stabilitrak to stop working?

Both systems require a constant engine speed. In order to keep the driver safe, GM programmed the car so that those systems would turn off if the engine didn’t start properly. The good news is that both issues will resolve themselves if you fix the misfire.

How do you reset the Service StabiliTrak?

How do you reset the Service StabiliTrak?

How do you reset the Service StabiliTrak?

Stop your vehicle.

As soon as your StabiliTrak warning light comes on, you should promptly find a safe spot to park and pull over.

Switch off the vehicle’s engine.

Once you’ve discovered a secure location, switch off your car’s engine for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. This will provide all its systems with enough time to reset.

Start the vehicle’s engine.

When starting your car, it is important to set the time accurately. This should cause the alarm light to go off. If this doesn’t happen and you still see a warning light, you may need to see an experienced auto mechanic.

What if the light doesn’t go off?

Your StabiliTrak system might be broken if you try to reset it but the light stays on.

You’ll need to take your car in for service to determine the cause of the light, which could be caused by defective sensors or bad wiring.

How can service stabilitrak be fixed?

How can service stabilitrak be fixed?

How can service stabilitrak be fixed?

How to fix it? Resolving the StabiliTrak service issue is a little more challenging. That is because a variety of problems could cause it. Nonetheless, you can resolve the problem by

  • If your fuel injector is clogged, have the car’s engine examined.
  • If your spark plug is broken, replace it.
  • Checking the engine of the car for possible problems with the fuel line or the fuel filter.

You can attempt to reset the computer in your car if you have already done this. You’ll need to cut the battery cables in order to do this. First, disconnect the negative cable. Then you should restart your car and reconnect everything.

If these steps don’t fix the service StabiliTrak warning light, talk to a mechanic about replacing your car’s computer system.

How much does it cost to repair a Stabilitrak system?

How much does it cost to repair a Stabilitrak system?

How much does it cost to repair a Stabilitrak system?

Your Stabilitrak system might become damaged over time. If this occurs, repairs will cost between $80 and $200. Your car’s model and brand will affect the cost. This is a reasonable cost given the complexity of the Stabilitrak system.

Can Service StabiliTrak be repaired under warranty?

Can Service StabiliTrak be repaired under warranty?

Can Service StabiliTrak be repaired under warranty?

The warranty for the service Stabilitrak Light varies because different issues cause it. If your car’s fuel injector or spark plug fails, your warranty may cover a full refund or rebate.

If the GM-LAN line, which sends sensor data to the StabiliTrak controller, is damaged, your warranty may not cover the repair. Depending on the cause of the Service StabiliTrak message, your warranty may cover repairs. Your warranty may cover labor and parts for minor issues.

Does StabiliTrak have an impact on transmission?

Does StabiliTrak have an impact on transmission?

Does StabiliTrak have an impact on transmission?

Driving a vehicle with StabiliTrak can often result in an uncomfortable shifting experience. This makes you feel as though your car is attempting to shift gears but hesitating instead.

If these problems keep happening, the transmission could get damaged, which would cost thousands of dollars to fix.

FAQs Can I drive my car if it says service stabilitrak?

What does the service StabiliTrak and Check Engine Light mean?

Service StabiliTrak messages appear when GMC or StabiliTrak Chevy systems malfunction. It can show up while the car is moving or sitting still. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle when it says “service StabiliTrak.”

What does it mean when it says service StabiliTrak gmc?

These messages are there to inform you that the system’s main computer has found a problem. They can be faulty wheel speed sensors, a faulty steering angle sensor, a faulty rotational speed sensor, or a problem with the steering rack. The caution indicators are very broad. They may indicate a problem with the system, that it has been turned off, or that it is getting a bad signal.

Where is the stabilitrak sensor’s location?

StabiliTrak sensors in each wheel and steering wheel measure wheel speed, braking force, steering angle, and turn rate. All of these sensors are needed for the system to work properly. If one of them breaks down, the whole system can fail.

What is the importance of service stabilitrak?

Don’t ignore Service StabiliTrak when it appears on your dashboard! It’s an unmistakable sign that there is a problem with the stability control system in your car. Taking no action may lead to disastrous consequences. Make sure you contact a mechanic and get this problem fixed immediately.


In conclusion, it is possible to drive with the service stabilitrak light on. However, keep in mind that this system is designed for safety, so ignoring it could make driving more hazardous. If your vehicle warning light shows a service stabilitrak message, have an expert check it out.

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